Monday, March 30, 2015

After all.... I'm an adult

Things are still going fairly well, because the Lord is changing me. No.... I'm still not perfect and I never will be, but I am trying so hard not to argue. Ronnie and I were having a discussion that could have easily turned into an argument and he asked me why I always say things, when I am trying so hard to keep my mouth shut? Well that question in it's self could have caused another discussion, but I let that one slide. I told him that I am like Sophia on Golden Girls.... sometimes it's hard to keep it in, I feel like "I'm cramping up."

When I went to the doctor, of course the main topic was weight loss. He doesn't know me well, because I'm a new patient, and he is strictly be the book, I guess it will take some time. Ronnie told Meredith to go with me so she could ask about my drinking Coke Zero, well you know he said no soft drinks.

I told Ronnie that I would stick to one small glass at night with my meds. I had a little Coke Zero in the fridge and there were 4 in the pantry. The next evening, when I drank the last of the Coke Zero that was in the fridge, I went to throw the bottle into the trash, and I just looked over at the shelf, where the Cokes were.... THEY WERE GONE!! Did you understand what I said? THEY WERE GONE!! They had hidden them!! I felt like I had been punched in the stomach, I was so hurt. I tried searching in every nook and cranny I could possibly look in, but they were hidden up on a shelf somewhere, so I couldn't reach them!! I felt betrayed.... the worst possible hurt.

This was the straw.... Of course they control every possible area in my life, Meredith tattles on me and everything I say to Ronnie, is wrong or he disagrees with, but this was the ultimate.

Cookie tried to sneak me some smaller bottles in, but Meredith over-heard her and that was that. She and Ronnie became really upset, but I think they realized.... some way.... some how.... I will get what I want. Meredith is really helping me stay on my diet, but they want me to relax a little on the weekend. This will always be a way of life for me, and I may relax sometimes, but if they keep hiding the Coke Zero, I will find a way.... after all.... I'm an adult.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Checking In

Things are going so well, and I am thankful that the Lord has heard and answered my prayers.

Phoenix just celebrated her 2nd birthday! Our precious baby girl is 2 years old and she is beautiful
and perfect in every way. Justin and Jordan gave her a "Horse" themed party, with decorations that looked like a farm, with fences and different things you would find on a horse farm. She had some
of her little friends there, all boys!! Of course the family was there and some of Justin and Jordan's friends, and we all had so much fun watching the kids play. Phoenix was so happy and enjoyed herself so much. She had on a little dress with a horse  on the front, she looked so sweet. She is growing and learning and talking up a storm.

This past week was spring break for Meredith. Ronnie was gone all week to VA and DC.... so it was just us girls. We had so much fun being together, baking muffins and we even went to Starbucks. She
takes good care of me, even if she can be a little "Natzi."

Ronnie is home now and next week, his schedule is not as full, so he will be home at night.

Lord.... I ask your blessings on my sweet family. Give them good health, keep them safe and thank you for everything you have blessed us with and for loving us.