Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mama Needs A New Pair of Shoes....

It's 12:30am Thanksgiving morning and I'm sitting here waiting for my
meds to kick in and watching my favorite movie.... "My Cousin Vinny."

Yesterday I worked in my "office" and actually made a little progress
getting things put in their place. We moved my desk a few weeks back,
out of the front of the house and put it in Meredith's old room. Ronnie
didn't like the way it looked. The front room looks very inviting now
and I will have my own little space to keep the way I want.

Ronnie decided to sell his trains and some of his cars. A guy came this
morning and bought some of his cars. I'm not sure how much he got,
but the first thing he did was, tear his train set down and then went to
Lowe's and bought some wood, to build work benches and make his
hobby room bigger. Of course he and money are soon parted, and it's
always spent on whatever he wants to spend it on. We have to stick
to the budget, and we better not go and buy anything. He actually
complained about ordering Meredith's college ring. Bless her heart,
she works like a damn dog and she offered to pay for half of the cost
of the ring!! OMG!! She did shop around on the internet and found
the ring for much less than she would have had to pay through the
school. That's the way Meredith does things anyway, she shops around
for bargains. No matter what, she's got his back.

I was so pissed, because it's always money. He even gripes, because of
the cost of my meds.... asshole. I have tried very hard not to say anything
that will cause a fuss, because they bitch and gripe enough as it is. But,
I took $40 dollars out of his wallet, and this may come back to bite me in
the ass. I'm sure there will surely be a big blow out, but I don't care.
 I've been needing some Sunday shoes for a good while. I have been wearing
Meredith's Danskos for a couple of years, but she wants them back to wear
when she starts teaching, so I'm going to go and buy me some fucking shoes.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


It's very late and I may not post everything I would like to say, but here we go....

Things are very confusing at times. There have been times when there are no little smart remarks or rumblings and we actually get along. Then of course.... things go back to normal or abnormal, depends on how you look at it.

Because I have gained 30 pounds, since last year's 68 pound loss, the topic of every day is.... losing weight, cutting down portions and exercising. Every days it's.... "You need to cut back your portions."  "You need to get up and walk or, do some kind of exercise." Oh, I agree, but they know as well as I do that, my thyroid dosage was lowered, and that always leads to weight gain. Dr Tuttle even apologized for not listening to me.

For now, I'll end with the things they say or do.... I'm hurt, but mostly I'm angry!!

"We don't really care."
"We live with an old person."
"You don't need a second helping."
"It doesn't matter if we eat cookies and chips in front of you."
"You will have to eat what we eat, just smaller portions. We're not cooking anything different for you."

And the ultimate slap in the face....
When Ronnie is traveling and he calls me on Face Time.... He looks into the camera and actually blows out his cheeks to make his face bigger, mocking me, and never paying attention to what I'm even saying.

He's in Georgia tonight, and he was blowing out his cheeks while I was trying to talk to him, it really pisses me off. I'm suppose to call him at 8:30 to wake him up,,,, bullshit, he can get his self up.

I'm very tired.... So so tired.