Friday, September 18, 2015


I posted on FB.... "Have you ever had one of those days, that leads into one of those weeks, that
seems to be leading into the weekend and into another week?" Well by golly.... I have!!

There are still the snippy little comments and their reply is "I was just kidding!" Okay, I was saying the other night at dinner, that happy people live longer, and Meredith looked at her dad and said.... "I guess you had better pray for her to die!" She was kidding? Seriously?

Then there are the same old tired comments, the little looks and the smirks. I have more of these remarks posted on my phones, but it's charging, so I'm posting this from memory. I just don't get it. I know that I can be annoying and bitchy.... I am so sorry, but give me a break. Meredith is forever complaining about my swallowing too loudly. I looked this up, and there is a actually a problem that happens between the ages of 10 and 12 years old, where a person is more sensitive to people chewing and swallowing. That's in my phone too, I guess I will make corrections later.

My knees hurt so badly.... I am so tired and I have been having times when my eyes begin to feel strangely, my vision blurs a little and, my left eye droops, for a few seconds and then I feel dizzy. This all passes, with the exception of the knee pain, in a brief few minutes, so pardon me if I'm not always in a good mood.

Well.... to add insult to injury.... we had an incident to happen with the neighbors. For whatever reason, Mindy decided to buy another dog, a 2 year old chihuahua/terrier mix. Now why in the world do they need another dog? Poor Tater is locked in the laundry room, they allowed poor little Duke to die of dehydration and sun exposer, and Chief ran off and was killed by a car. Not exactly a great track record when it comes to pets, but now we have Cam.

Parker has always been challenging in fact he needs a good ass whipping and sent to his room, with the exception of meals and bathroom breaks and school attendance. No tv, no football, absolutely no activities with the exception of chores.

Parker picks on Petey all of the time. He will call Pete into the fence at the patio, locks the gate and then teases him. He takes things away from Pete and makes Pete chase after him. Poor baby, he thinks Parker is playing with him, instead of being a little ass. Pete is a big baby, and would never deliberately hurt anybody. Pete and Parker have rolled around on the ground, and Pete being a male,  would always try and hump Parker. We kept telling Parker not to roll around on the ground or put himself in a position for Pete to hump, but one day, Parker didn't listen, which is the norm for him, and Pete scratched him. So we had Pete neutered and he doesn't hump anymore, but they are always calling Pete next door and Parker picks on him.

On Sunday, Parker was walking Cam up and down the road and Pete ran down to play with Parker and Cam. The rest of the story is hearsay.... Pete supposedly jumped Parker and was trying to get to Cam. Parker started screaming and kicking Pete. Jeff ran and started kicking Pete and hitting him and pulled Pete off of Parker. Apparently the situation was so loud, that the neighbor across the woods came to investigate. When I opened the door to call Pete and So in, Jeff was standing on my porch and he told me to get Pete or he was going to kill him. He said that Pete had jumped Parker and scratched him really badly under his arm and all down his side and he had a busted lip. I apologized and brought Pete inside.

A few minutes later, Jeff came back and apologized for being rude, and I told him that I certainly understood his being upset and I'm sure Pete wasn't trying to hurt Parker, he was just wanting to play, and I believe this. If Pete were vicious, he would have hurt or killed Sophia.... we would never trust him with Phoenix.... and as badly as it hurts to say.... he would not still be here. He could have badly hurt Parker on many occasions, but Pete IS NOT VICIOUS!! While Jeff and I were still talking, Parker walked in with no shirt on. I asked him to let me see how badly he was hurt.... he turned and raised his arm. OMG!! OMG!! There were two very tiny scratches under his arm and there was a little place on his lip, you could barely see it. Those tiny scratches could not have been made by Pete and they actually did not look recent, there was very little bleeding. I honestly think that Parker started yelling at Pete and kicking him and Cam scratched him trying to climb up on his shoulder. JEFF LIED TO MY FACE IN MY HOUSE!! This was blown out of proportion and as usual Pete gets the blame. Even though Ronnie has repeatedly told Parker to leave Pete alone and we have asked him not to run or roll around with Pete, HE DOES NOT LISTEN!!

Mindy called on Monday and said that Meredith had been very rude to her, when she came over to get Pete, AFTER THEY CALLED HIM OVER!! Actually she ignored Mindy and told Pete for them to get home before he gets in trouble again. Jeff told Justin that he was upset because Ronnie had not called and apologized.... what is he.... a girl? Jeff also told Justin that if we don't keep Pete up and there is another incident.... they are going to call animal control. ANIMAL CONTROL.... will not give us a warning, Pete is a Pit and there is an incident involving a child.... THEY WILL PUT MY BABY DOWN!! He is not vicious.... he is not aggressive.... he is a big baby and he just wanted to play.

Well.... I am finished with them and all of their drama and Mindy always making trouble!! I have been letting the pups out during the day when Parker is in school, but let them out on the patio until they all go back inside. It's getting cooler, so pretty soon, we will not see them at all. They can stay in their yard and we will stay here in ours. I do not intent to play nice and smile and play pat-a-cake and kissy ass.... oh hell no.... they better just stay home.

I've got news for them.... the land they travel on to get to their home, is mine!! I have granted them ingress and egress into their property and I can make it very difficult for them to get home!! Don't push me.... don't threaten me or mine.... stay the hell away from here and we will do the same.

Oh yeah.... Ronnie did call Jeff and they talked. Ronnie got the impression that what I say happened, actually did happen, and that Parker is blowing everything out of proportion. He hasn't actually said everything that was discussed, but it doesn't matter to me.... I do not want any harm to come to them and I will still pray for them.... but I AM THROUGH....

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Relationships

I'm not sure what the title of this page should be. Through the loss of my dear friend, Wendell.... I was able to connect with two of his sons, Kent and Jesse and his wife, Melissa.

It's strange though.... I had no idea that Wendell had a FB page, we could have been able to communicate more. Kent accepted my friend request almost immediately, and I was able to put a face to the name. He looks so much like his dad, only he is a bigger man. Maybe we can connect in some way. Haven't heard from Melissa or Jesse, but I think Jesse will be the one to have the hardest time. Wendell was so proud of Jesse, and so in love. He had his daddy's heart.

I was able to see a picture of Melissa and to see an up-dated picture of Jesse. He is a very nice looking young man, he has dark hair and dark eyes, not Wendell's coloring, but he has his look.

I have a copy of Wendell's obituary and some pictures from Kent's FB page. The oldest picture of Wendell was the Wendell I remember and the man I will always remember. He was always so sure of himself, like my Ronnie. The second picture was of Wendell, Jesse and Kent, they were standing in front of a mantle that was decorated with candles and flowers, some type of ceremony or celebration. The third picture really hurts my heart. It's a more recent picture of Wendell and Jesse, and you can see how ill Wendell was.

We have our hope planted firmly in Jesus Christ, and we know that our loved ones, who are children of the King, have been changed. There is "no more night, no more pain," and we will one day be reunited.

Praise the Lord....