Saturday, July 4, 2015

Enjoying family time....

Happy 4th of July.... Just checking in because I changed some things on my blog page. Nobody reads this anyway, but me.

The weather is much cooler, cloudy, but we can swim. For some reason, as long as it's not Arctic, I can get in. I love, love, love to just float around on my noodle. The best way to swim is naked, but we have a little guy next door that may pop in, and I wouldn't want to scare him.

Enjoying our usual 4th meal.... hash, baked beans, potato salad, cantaloupe and watermelon.... and it's just the 3 of us. Justin, Jordan and Phoenix may come tomorrow afternoon to swim.

Praying for our country,  America the beautiful, from sea to shining sea. We need more of your grace and mercy, Heavenly Father. We are blessed beyond measure, but we take it for granted. There are others who are trying so hard to take it away, and we are standing by in our complacency, and letting them get away with it.

Thank you Lord for your blessings, your grace and mercy. Help us to look to You Father, for guidance, make us aware of your Holy Presence and lead us.

I am thankful and blessed.... in good times and bad.... I Praise You Lord of Heaven.

Friday, July 3, 2015

I'm Still Here

Thank you Heavenly Father.... I'm still here.

Of course each day is an adjustment, one step forward, two steps back. Most days are worse
than others, and it will always be a work in progress.

However, by the grace and mercy of my Heavenly Father.... I am blessed and I'm still here.

Tomorrow is the celebration of our country's independence. In the last few months, our country has suffered many set backs. Useless violence, murders and rioting in the streets.... Oh my God it sounds like Iraq. Last week, 9 precious people were gunned down during Wednesday night services in their church in uptown Charleston, SC, by a 21 year old young man, who said he wanted to start another civil war. Again, the question of removing the confederate flag from the SC state capitol grounds, is in the news. It is being suggested that the flag be moved to the Confederate Relic Room and placed on display. When the confederate flag was first moved from the Capitol building to the grounds.... I was upset, because this was part of our Southern heritage. However, this flag stood for slavery.... for the cruel treatment of one race of people by another race of people. It's time to move it and try and heal the wounds of our state.

I am proud to be an American from the state of South Carolina. I am proud that even though our state is in pain from the senseless murders in Charleston, any disagreements have been peaceful, and thank the Lord, no rioting in the streets. But.... our state needs you Lord.... our nation needs you. Be with our citizens, keep us safe.... free us from the hate and violence that holds our people hostage, and give us love and peace.

Happy Birthday America
God Bless America