Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ho-Ho-Ho and a very Floppy Droopy Christmas to you!

I don't think I'm politically correct with the ho-ho-ho and I may even be arrested. I came to the conclusion this morning that it's not Santa's ho-ho-ho's that are frightening the children but, the hundreds of floppy, droopy Christmas decorations lying in people's yards! It looks like someone went on a killing spree and took out Rudolph and Frosty and Santa Clause. What is up with this? Another thing I don't understand are the Christmas characters in a bubble! What happened to good old Christmas trees and wreaths on the doors and ribbons? Every year there is a yard right up the road here that looks like the owner "tied one on" decided to decorate his yard and just went out there and threw the lights in the bushes and the trees! There is no rhyme or reason, just lights scattered everywhere. A couple of years ago, Meredith and I started noticing the palm trees.
I know that our Lord was born in a desert place but palm trees remind me of hammocks and drinks with little umbrellas. I so enjoy the little carolers, the nativity scenes and Santa and his sleigh but, if thery are made of plastic and they are 35 years old, if they have been stuffed in the attic all year long or even left out on the lawn all year long for the summer sun to fade them out, THEY ARE TACKY AND UGLY!! THROW THEM AWAY! What's up with the wire reindeer that stand still, one leg poised in the air and they are lighted? No self respecting reindeer would be caught still and definately would not not be lit because that's how they wind up over somebody's mantle! I hate blue Christmas lights. Blue is just not a Christmas color. Santa's sleigh is big and red and he has 8, count them, Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen, reindeer. So why have I seen a little white sleigh, with no Santa in sight, and 2 reindeer? One has his head down, probably in shame, and the other yet again has a leg poised for flight only most of the time he's lying on the ground because he's off balance! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Christmas purist. My tree has blinking white lights.
No, there is no bar or a dancing pole in the middle of the room, I just like the blinking white lights. I don't do bows on gifts. I have a very hard time tying my shoes so I can't tie a beautiful ribbon and the bows with the sticky backs fall off. Mostly because they have been in a bag in the back of the closet since last year and they are all smushed. (Is that a word?) I like the Christmas bags with the tags and the tissue paper. Nice and neat, no big black trash bag full of Christmas paper that cost you $8.00 a roll (thru a school fund raiser) and you spend all day wrapping just for some excited person to rip in half and throw it on the floor. My tree is electic. There is no theme, just ornaments from over the years. No big old shiny balls (I don't like those thing either), garland (no tinsel) and a beautiful angel with a golden gown at the top. This of course is my opinion and I would love to know how you decorate for Christmas. Maybe you have the inflatable Christmas
Characters, even a Mickey Mouse, although I'm not sure what he has to do with Christmas but, share with me. I promise I won't laugh or make little comments the next time I see you. You know I love you guys. You are out there.., right? Leave me a comment. It's not hard, just follow the directions. Happy decorating!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Good Saturday Morning- I don't normally blog or even check my mail on the week-ends but I have a couple of CB friends who have had chemo and radical surgery this week-end and I wanted to check on them. While I'm up-dating you guys on my CB friends I can up-date you on everybody else here, in and around the Wall home. First of all, please be in special prayer for Dr. Barb Berg (MN) who just underwent another very serious and radical surgery. She did make it through the surgery but the news was not good. In attempting to remove the large mass that they already knew was there, they found 12 more tumors. The cancer is very obviously growing at a rapid pace. Also my sweetie from Alabama (Meredith Grace Dyer) was to have more chemo
and hopefully be home for Thanksgiving. She's my baby ( one year old). Chelsey Mitchell is in Charlotte in PT. This has been a very difficult road for her and her parents. Please remember my other CB friends, everyone of them are very special people to me and their Thanksgiving probably wasn't as normal as ours. We do have so much to be thankful for and we take it all for granted. Corresponding with my friends at CaringBridge has helped me put a lot of things in perspective. Now for the Wall family, Justin is doing great! He goes to PT on Monday for them to up the tension on his brace and then he sees the doctor on Thursday. He's back working at his dad's, something he really didn't want to do but, he has financial obligations and there are things that he can do to help his dad out, even in a brace. Odie and Sophia are doing much much better. Sophia is back to her little high jumping hyper self and Odie just looks like, "I wish I could do that again." Meredith is really doing fantastic with her JV conditioning (3x weekly). I haven't heard her complain one time. I can tell that she is really building up her muscles and her stamina. Ronnie is feeling some better but he is just so tired. My Mom's injections went very well last week and she has cataract surgery on Monday. This situation with my Mom is one that really needs your prayers. The physical is not as serious as the emotional. Please keep Cookie in your prayers especially, she lives with Mama and Mama is totally dependent on her. Mama enjoys the attention but it can be very difficult when your schedule is already filled and you have to pencil in another appointment. I took her to the doctor one day a couple of weeks ago and he said there was nothing really wrong and wasn't sure what she wanted. I'm telling you folks, this is not the independent woman I grew up with! I know she's getting older and she misses my Dad but the Lord has a purpose for her life and she can't see beyond her wants to find out what it is. She gets mad at me a lot because I don't give in to all of her attempts at guilt . I do love her dearly and I enjoy the "good" times we spend together but she makes me angry because she considers herself a shut-in and enjoys poor health and all of the attention she gets. Lord love her! She said something about our putting her in a nursing home the other day! She just needs to quit "feeling sorry" for herself, be thankful and get up and go. Please pray for her and for us as we try to be kind and loving but strong. My Daddy was a saint! Hey, my kids have already said at the first sign of chin dribble, I'm out of
here. Anyway, that's the up-date with the exception of Callie Rose. She is a trooper. She scares the UPS and Fed-Ex guys and the other afternoon I was talking to a man on the front porch and he made a little hand move and stepped forward. She stood up, the hair on the back of her neck bristled out and she showed him her big pretty teeth, The growl, deep in her throat, was scary too. Needless to say, he didn't stay long. The mail lady knows the trick though. When she has her arm out the window putting mail in the box and Callie is standing there barking and growling, she just throws her a handful of treats. Callie has her number, bark,growl,show my teeth, snacks. It works. Have a wonderful and safe week-end. Pray for my Justin he went racing with some friends to Dublin, NC. Of course, he's just along for the ride and the excitement. You have to be a race fan to understand this. Pray that he has a safe trip home. By the way, the Kim drama is OVER! He told her, it's OVER! You don't know what you want, it's obviously not me and I'm not waiting around for you to play me like a puppet. YES! See you tomorrow for a wonderful day of Praise and Worship!
Love you guys. Please leave me a comment. I'm getting paranoid here.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wishing you a...,


Thursday, November 15, 2007


WOW!! I am totally speechless!! Until next time.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Prayer Request

Hey guys- I just posted on one of my newest CaringBridge Sites. I have added a couple of more CB friends in the last week or so and I want you to say a special prayer for all of my friends. If you want to write to them you just type in their name and it will bring you right up to their site.

Nicholas Deyo
Meredith Grace Dyer
Connor Bowden
Chelsey Mitchell
Brook Waddle
Steve Dyar (Susan still posts)

I also still have a friend on CarePages. His name is Jonathan Melton but his site is listed as
Big Melton.

When you visit on these sites and read their stories, it makes you appreciate so much your good health and it makes what problems you do have pale in comparison to what these wonderful people endure. Their faith in God and the courage they display is so humbling.

I'll check back in with you next week. Thanks guys. I love you all so much.

Friday, November 9, 2007


I was reading through my e-mail and deleting all of the "junk" and the stuff I had already read when I had a thought. Bring out the hoses guys, it's gonna be a barn burner! Wouldn't it be great to have our own "Delete" button to take away all the bad stuff? I would have to have several because I am bad almost all of the time so, I know I'd have to have one in the van. Road rage (deleted). I'm married with children and sometimes I just lose it (delete). I've always wondered if I really had it to lose? I had a craving for a piece of fried chicken and I ate it (deleted). I have about 60 more pounds to lose (deleted). Shoot, let's go for it..., 75 more pounds (deleted). Of course this button could never be used to wipe out a whole complete person. I can name 4 or 5 persons, just off the top of my head, that I would delete out of here. Bad thoughts (deleted). I think that would be so cool to be able to mess up and just push a button and it never happened.

Christ's sacrifice on Calvary is our "delete" button. When we confess our sins and trust in the Lord, His blood covers our sins and it's like they never happened.

Great concept, this delete button, now I have to find an inventor and get a patent. That's just too much to think about now, DELETE, I'll think about it later.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Doctor's Visit

Justin's doctor's visit went very well this morning. They removed the stitches and even though he still has to wear the brace (8 weeks) he no longer needs crutches. He can put all of his weight on the knee and can use a cane for support and balance. He will still need PT 3x weekly but she says he can drive and go back to work (light duty) on Monday. Odie and Sophia are doing much better.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Didn't want you to think I had forgotten you guys. Justin is doing great. He has PT 3x weekly and is getting around really well. He sneaks to the bathroom without his crutches but the therapist said not to put a lot of weight on his knee right now. We go to see the doctor on Thursday. I'm sure she will tell him what activities, if any, he can add back to his schedule. I was so worried about leaving Justin for Montogomery but I am so very glad that I did go. It was truly an awesome worship experience and Susan Dyar just blessed me above and beyond anything I could have imagined. What a truly wonderful, talented girl our Susan is. Steve Dyar was probably leaning over the balcony of heaven telling everybody, "That's my girl. That's my choir. That's my orchestra. That's my baby boy playing the guitar." I know Steve was so proud. He loved AMRBC and we were truly blessed by his talents and his ministry. He is truly missed. There was a problem while we were gone. Our baby dashchund, Sophia, wasn't feeling too well when we left. My niece Casey, who was Justin's care-giver, ended up taking Sophia to the ER vet on Sunday morning. By the time we got home Sunday evening, our male dashchund, Odie, was feeling bad too. We took them both to the vet on Monday morning and they have ear infections plus Sophia has suffered trauma to her left eye. We know now for sure that our "Big Girl" our blonde lab, Callie, didn't hurt the baby, she hit her eye while scratching her ears and shaking her head. God love them. They have felt so badly but they are beginning to perk up a little. Well, gotta run and pick up Meredith. She has JV conditioning 3x a week so I'm in the car a lot. Love you guys. Overlook the typos cause I gotta go!