Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow and Icy

My goodness- We have had so much icy weather, cold rain and then the dreaded black ice. Schools have been canceled and they are canceled tomorrow. The weather forecast is actually calling for 2-4 inches of snow and it's  been coming down pretty good, since about 6:00pm.

Yesterday was a very sad day. Mama's dog, Angel, that went to live with Cookie when Mama moved in here, crossed over The Rainbow Bridge. Bless her heart, she has been sick for awhile and since Sunday, she went down really quickly. Cookie came to church Sunday and when she got home, Angel was paralysed. She took her to an emergency vet that afternoon and then a specialist on Monday. They discovered that she had Cushings disease, an overproduction of the hormone cortisol, paralysis, a brain tumor and an enlarged liver. After much prayer, Cookie made the decision to help her cross over. Cookie came here for a little while and I told her that she had made the right decision. When we helped Callie and Odie cross over, I had a really hard time and I told Cookie that this was all normal emotions.

We have a busy weekend coming up. Tomorrow (26th) is Kane and Sophia's birthdays. Friday (27th) is Phoenix's 2nd birthday and Saturday is her party, weather permitting. Bless her little heart, she has had a stomach virus and today, Jordan had it. I talked to both of them earlier and asked Phoenix if she felt better. She said "Uh huh.... Mia." I can't believe that my sweet baby girl is 2 years old. Of course, she is beautiful, intelligent, sweet and loving. Perfect in anyway.

Saturday evening, the LBJ were suppose to have dinner at Wade's. I canceled it, first of all, because Kathy is sick and secondly, nobody was coming except Kathy, possibly Cookie and me. You can't depend on these women to even give me a response to an accurate head count for our meetings. How hard is it to check your calendar, and then say yes or no?

Monday, February 16, 2015


This past weekend was Valentine's and Ronnie was the most wonderful and thoughtful
husband and dad. He bought baskets.... filled them with tissue paper and confetti and wrapped them with a red bow. Inside was everything we could possibly want and certainly needed.... socks,
makeup, makeup wipes, shampoo and conditioner, ladies razors and lots and lots of candy! He made
them himself and they were so beautiful.

Meredith and I had a little money of our own, so we bought him candy and tee shirts. Then on Saturday night, Meredith was baby sitting and Ronnie fixed a delicious meal.... shrimp cocktail,
grilled steaks, medium rare and baked potatoes with sour cream and butter. Yummy!

Today we had the most wonderful time of praise and worship at the Mill and Pastor D J brought a
wonderful message.... tithing.... willingly giving our money and time for the building up of
God's Kingdom. It's such a small price, compared to the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.

Leah Woody's dad, Steve Melton, was killed Saturday while riding his motorcycle. This week was
a horrible and tragic week.... several wrecks that resulted in many people losing their lives. So sad....
A time to appreciate life.... to be thankful and love your family and hold them close. Life is
such a fragile.... whisper.

Lord, how can I thank you for all that you have done. Things were so bad and I was so angry, but I
gave it all to you and things are wonderful. I gave my testimony in Sunday School this morning, and
it gave me peace, being able to share how the Lord changed my life and how He was always there in
every situation.

Another sweet blessing came to visit us on Saturday. Our precious Phoenix. What a wonderful blessing from the Lord and a treasure. We laughed and played, sang songs, colored and most
importantly, we hugged her and kissed her.

I am blessed.... I am so thankful....

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Seeing the changes....

We're trying harder.... praying more, and I can see changes.  Of course, some days
the change is subtle and other days it's back to the beginning.

We'll take the positive, because the negative is painful. We want the change and we need the change.
Dear Lord.... You have this and we know that you will work this out for your Glory. We trust you
and know that everything will be fine.

Thank you Lord, for loving us and guiding us through.

It's going to be fine and we're welcoming.... The Changes....

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Change me....


I mentioned to them that we are just not getting along at all and I'm not sure what to do.
Neither one of them seemed to notice or care. They did not make a comment one way or another.

Things would change if, I could just keep my thoughts and opinions to myself. I am still fighting the anger of the entire situation, in fact there was another BIG blow out last night. We were cleaning the kitchen and some of the left overs from the fridge were going, very slowly, down the disposal. I was trying to help things along by mashing some of the food, with my fingers, and helping it down the drain. Suddenly.... there was a loud "NO!" my arm was grabbed and I was scolded because I was going to clog up the disposal. I'm just so tired of being treated like a wayward child. I lost it, again, only I did not say anything to her, but he asked and I told him. Of course, she lied.... she denied that she grabbed my arm!! OMG!! I can't believe this.... I am totally speechless!! The looks he gave me,
that condescending attitude. Not only that, but it's like he keeps score of everything wrong that I have
ever done or anything hurtful that I have ever said. 

Maybe it is my fault. Maybe as I grow older, I am losing it. Oh dear God.... I don't want things to be
this way. Please help me, if I'm the one that needs to change, change me.

I don't know how to be any other way. I am very opinionated and I'm not so nice when I voice my
opinions. But, in all fairness Lord, sometimes they just keep pushing me. They know exactly what
upsets me and it seems they just keep on.... pushing and pushing.

I'm leaving this situation with you, Father. Guide me, control my thoughts, my words and my
actions. Fill me with love and kindness, change me. Help me realize that voicing my opinion
is not always necessary or important. Please forgive me for hurting my family and for being
disobedient to you. I am so very sorry.... I need your help.