Thursday, August 4, 2016

No closer to the goal....

No weight loss.... even though Dr. Tuttle did tell Meredith and me that he was going to change the dosage on my thyroid medicine, he did not change it. Of course he is in daddy mode since his first child "Luke" is due anytime. The Plexus is a freakin joke.... I have started walking, in fact I walked across the yard on Tuesday afternoon, almost to Tommy and Marcia's. The mail lady left a piece of our mail in their box, so I decided to walk up. I might have made it, but it was so hot. Even with Meredith coming to pick me up, I still walked more.

While I was there, I asked Tommy if I could visit with Marcia. She is still beautiful, her hair is longer and white. She moved her mouth when I told her who I was, and she looked at me. God.... it is so heartbreaking to see this once busy, energetic wife, mother and grandmother, Lost In Her Mind!! How horrible, and my heart breaks for Tommy, who has loved her since she was 13 years old, as he feeds her and tends to her and loves her still.

There is something that is bothering me.... A couple of Sundays ago, DJ was talking about some of the changes that the Mill has been through, since March. Bucky leaves for Uganda, Kevin resigns and leaves because his wife was having an affair (they are working through it).... Brian resigns and leaves the ministry and his wife, and goes into Real Estate, not sure what the deal is here. Jeff Brocklemen comes in rather quickly, and takes Brian's place and begins to implement lots and lots of changes. Joel resigns and is moving to Chicago to be a church "planter,"  Jill Morris resigns as Children's Director and goes into business with Donna Loudermilk, Hub City Runners. Running and exercise groups and sports wear. Then.... DJ sort of dropped a bomb! He has been thinking about leaving too, in fact he had been talking to another church and was about to take their offer, when Joel handed in his resignation. A visiting couple behind Meredith, got up to leave, and the woman said," I don't think we need to be here, everybody is leaving, even the pastor!" Now why would the Senior Pastor bring that up in a Sunday service, knowing visitors were present? Another thing.... why would he want to leave when we are beginning another building phase?
We received a letter this week from the children's department, and Stacy Butler has resigned also! There was a rumor when Brian left, that she and Brian were caught in a compromising situation, upstairs in the children's wing. Just like there was a rumor that Lisa Smith and Brain were too close and now she is singing in Ignite. Rumors.... Gossip with nothing to substantiate it. Gee whiz.... crap like this makes you want to strangle the gossipers with their own tongues. More about the changes and Jeff next time.

Things around here are about the same.... smart attitudes, looks, criticisms and of course with my being no closer to the goal....

I am thankful that my God in Heaven is still with me.... helping me with my language and my temper.