Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So long....



THE END...................

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hey guys- Please remember Ronnie in your prayers today.

Last night while at a restaurant in Georgia, his truck was broken into and his GPS and all of the equipment he uses for his job was stolen. Valued at $10,000.00.
Of course everything was insured and will be replaced.He also had to reschedule the two jobs he had in Georgia this morning.

He's on his way home, angry and very dejected. What's so funny, the police didn't come out and make a report, Ronnie had to go to the station and file one!! What's up with that? I thought they had to come out?

I hear him pulling in so I will go.

Thanks guys.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!

It's so hard to believe but, tomorrow is the first day of school. Meredith is beginning to be excited. She has all of her binders filled with paper and marked with the subject she'll be using them for. Her pocket folders match her subject binders (designer school supplies) and every zippered compartment in her bookbag is filled with everything she needs for the 8th grade.

Please remember each student, every teacher and everyone associated with our educational system. Please pray for a safe year (NO BULLIES) and a wonderful year of teaching and learning and growing. Pray God's blessings on each family and that some parents will see the need for becoming more involved with their child's education.

I'm really excited about our new Wednesday night services coming up on the 27th. No more getting home at 10:00 pm with a sleepy girl who has to get up early the next morning. I'm really excited about what's happening at AMRBC.

Remember Meredith and her soccer season that's coming up in September. Remember all of the after school activites that will be going on. The days are so busy during the school year with, school, homework, church and other activities going on.

Pray for Ronnie this week. He's traveling again for most of this week so, he'll miss the first day of school. He missed her first soccer practice last week but thankfully he's always home on the week-ends.

Also keep Justin in your prayers. He's had a couple of job interviews and he's mailed his resume out to several places. Nothing yet but, we're still praying.

Continue to pray for Mama's house to sell. We're getting down to a very critical point for her financially and she really needs to sell.

I'm hoping to hear from my disability very soon. It's been over three years and it's been rough. Physically and financially as well.

I'm closing with a list of a few very special people who really need your prayers, my CaringBridge buddies. I love these people so much and they are very important to me.

Jaxon Burns-Connor Bowden-Nicholas Deyo-Andrew Kirby-Chelsey Mitchell-Austin Scott-Brook Waddle.

Thanks guys for all of your love and encouragement. You all mean the world to me and I love you all.

Have a Blessed week.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Official

Meredith is an eighth grader!! We got up early this morning, had breakfast, dressed, curled her hair (picture day) and called Daddy (he's in Texas) while riding down the rode this rainy morning.

When we arrived at 8:03am, the parking lot was already filled. We stood in the correct lines, filled out the necessary papers, received Meredith's schedule, paid our fees and then went to have her picture made and meet her teachers.

Along the way I noticed something. The boys from last year are much taller and have really filled out. Some of the girls from last year are a little taller, their hair is longer and they have filled out some also.

What really caught my attention is that some of the girls have started trying to wear make-up. I say "trying to wear" because a few of them had on so much mascara they could hardly open their eyes. Their lashes were actually sticking together!! I promise you, one girl had false eyelashes on and so much eye shadow, that she looked like a peacock.

Meredith informed me that these young ladies were the "popular" girls. I told her they weren't popular,they looked like a circus act. I explained to her that people weren't looking at them because they're pretty but, because they're funny looking.

She said I was mean and maybe I was, a little, well.., maybe a lot. I told her that there is nothing wrong with wearing a little make-up, if it's applied properly. I told her what is most important is who you are on the inside. It's fine to make yourself attractive but it's not okay to make yourself someone you're not.

I'm not so sure what kind of journey this year will take us on but, this I know. Meredith Wall will be proud of who she is and will stand firm in her beliefs. She'll be able to meet the world with her head held high and her eyes wide open.

On the other hand, the peacock will be so busy trying to pry her clumped up eye lashes open that the world may just pass her by. Popular my foot!! Wringling Brothers should be so lucky.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Catching Up

My goodness, I didn't realize that it had been so long since I had blogged. Have you missed me?

I'm still not caught up from the beach and as you know we were gone another few days after that. We've been up at Mama's cleaning out closets! We reduced three closets down to one this past Saturday. I knew that selling her house and packing things up would be hard for Mama but I just never realized how hard.

Mama is a worrier and she is so emotional. She has been doing better about not crying so much about Daddy but, bless her, everything is such a drama. Of course, we're packing up fifty one happy years of marriage, three children, six grands and one great-grand so I guess she has every right to be emotional.

Ronnie has told her she can bring anything with her to make her more comfortable here as long as it's not blue, a duck or makes noise. The other night she said something about bringing her birdhouses that she has hanging in her kitchen and Ronnie said "NO, it doesn't match our decor!" Don't forget that I call Ronnie, Emeril Stewart Villa and around here what he says goes.

Talk about stubborn vs stubborn, that's what I have on my hands and as usual I'm the peacekeeper. That's not an easy job with those two.

Keep all of us in your prayers. continue to remember to pray that Mama's house will sell SOON!! I think we're having an open house in a couple of weeks, hopefully that will generate a lot of interest and valid offers.

I register Sis tomorrow for the eighth grade. She is ready as far as clothes and supplies go but, she's also a little nervous. Please pray that she doesn't have to deal with bullies and the obnoxious boys and girls she had to deal with last year. We ran into one of the bullies at the beach and Ronnie told him.., "Boy, I better not have to come up to that school again." I hope that warning scared him enough to leave Meredith alone.

Please pray for Justin. He is actively seeking a new job, hopefully something where he can use his degree. He has tried so hard to work for his Dad but, he needs to get away from there. There's a long story and an even longer history there. Just pray that Justin finds something very soon.

I can't believe that summer is quickly fading and pretty soon we'll be tearing down our deck and pool to make room for Mama's new addition. I'm going to swim as much as I can before we officially close it down for good.

Our three dogs are doing very well. In fact the girls (Callie Rose and Sophia) are in here with me now. Oh, here comes Odie to visit too. They are just too precious.

Hey Kevin, tell Shelley to give me a call and maybe she can help me with a new blog page.

My love to all. Take care.