Wednesday, July 13, 2016

We always need you Lord....

Well.... There was quite an incident on the 4th. A bit scary, actually it was more than a little scary to Ronnie and Meredith.

After the comment on the 3rd about weight loss, I chose not to eat as much. We went out and swam in the pool and then got into the hot tub. My head had been hurting and I was starting to get too hot. I told Ronnie that it was hot and I leaned forward to stand up.... BLACKNESS

Not sure how much time elapsed but when I came around, I had an ear full of water and I was lying face down on the deck, next to the hot tub. Ronnie and Meredith were really relieved and a bit shaken up. It seems that in the beginning, they thought I was playing, but then they realized that something was wrong and then they panicked.... I was lifeless. I'm not sure if I was breathing or not, but they were scared, they thought I WAS DEAD!!

Things are still not clear, but they think that I got too hot and that my blood sugar had dropped, on top of that. They kept asking me random questions, I'm not sure if I answered them right or not. They have really been a bit nicer, but they still have the attitudes and Meredith is more and more argumentative every day.

They are leaving Thursday for a service call to Virginia and will be home Friday. Since Ronnie and I will be gone for 9 days in September, this will be a good trip for them. Meredith went to TN in June on choir tour, but she hasn't been anywhere really for vacation.

Lord.... I love my family and I want everyone to be happy and to get along. I pray for their safety, please protect them. Justin still hasn't had a good job offer, but he will keep trying, he is not happy where he is. I pray Father that you will lead him in the direction that he needs to go  and help him make the right decision. Meredith goes back to school, August 8th.... with the teachers. Help her to have a successful year, she is only a little less than a full point from a 4.0 GPA and graduating Magna Cum Laude. She has worked so hard for this and I pray Lord that you will direct her and keep her focused.

Continue to bless us Heavenly Father, in spite of our failures. Help us all to draw closer to you and to one another.

Thank you, Lord.
Help us to stay on course and.... NEVER GIVE UP.


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