Monday, June 6, 2016

Lots and Lots of changes

I do not know where to begin. Much has happened since my last post.

Things are some better around here, still an occasional attitude and smart remark, and there are times
that it still bothers me, but I have let God help me with my feelings.

Meredith took her Praxis II and she found out on Friday of this past week, that she passed!! She also found out that she is on the Chancellor's List again. She was so thrilled and now she is waiting for her score on the last test she took. If all goes according to plan,she will student teach at Carlisle in the Fall and graduate with honors in December. We are so proud of her, she has worked so very hard for this. Praying that she will be permanently placed at Carlisle.

We have had some major changes take place at The Mill. Kevin Harrison (Chief) resigned as Associate Pastor and he and his family have left the Mill. It seems that Susan was having an affair with Kevin's sister's husband, and Chief, being the wonderful, Godly man that he is.... he forgave her and they are getting counselling to work things out.

We now have a new Worship Pastor.... Jeff Brockleman from Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas, TX. He, his wife Shelly and younger daughter, Tia have moved to SC. Their older daughter, Torie and her husband are leading worship in Chicago. Their only son Tyler lives in California and leads worship there. They are a Godly family and so talented. Our former Worship Pastor Brian Hurry, resigned, saying that he had some issues in his marriage to work through and he needed to make a change. We found out last night that Brian and Kim are separated and he has moved out.

Dear Lord.... what is happening??   I am so sad and heartbroken for my friends and I pray Father that they will seek your guidance and allow you to work in their marriages.

I'm gonna close for now and go to bed in a bit. Meredith is on Choir tour this next week in TN and Ronnie is leaving in the morning for KY, it will just be just me and the furry babies.

Until next time////

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